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We are a small group aimed at enabling new learning experiences on the web. Our first product, CommonLounge, is currently used by over 100k learners.



CommonLounge is a new, interactive learning experience. Pick your learning format from a text article, flashcards, or a video.


All in one automatic video generation. Write your script, collaborate with others, and auto-generate interactive videos all in one place.


Add interactive applications like quizzes, video responses, branches, hotspots, etc. to your existing videos. SmartVideo embodies the evolution of static videos into interactive ones, much like the shift from static to interactive websites two decades ago.

CommonLounge LMS

Commonlounge LMS is the next-generation learning management system designed from the ground up. Assign the courses to groups of employees and track their performance with our Powerful Analytics Suite.

CommonLounge Learning Community

The community platform for the educators and e-learning companies of the next decade. Use it to let your students ask questions and help each other, work on projects together, or just as a long-form chat room.


Prabhav Jain

MIT '13
Full Stack with focus on Backend & Infrastructure

Anant Jain

IIT Delhi `12
Full Stack with focus on Design & Frontend

Keshav Dhandhania

MIT `14
Relevance & Ranking

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